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Preparing for flu season

Health officials are hoping for a quiet flu season.

We are taking a closer look at who should get a flu shot and who should not.

Flu-like symptoms are already popping up in emergency rooms in Eastern Kentucky. So far, there are no confirmed cases of the flu, but doctors say that doesn’t mean you should wait to get vaccinated.

“If you wait until you’re getting the flu symptoms, the vaccine is not going to do you any good,” said Dr. William Johnson, Chief Medical Officer at Pikeville Medical Center.

145,000,000 doses of the vaccine are ready for this year. Each contains three strains of the virus that are likely to cause an outbreak this season.

It takes about two weeks to build up an immunity, after getting the vaccine.

Anyone with asthma, diabetes or heart disease is strongly encouraged to get a flu vaccine. It is also recommended for pregnant women and anyone over the age of six months.

Doctors say the preventative measure is not for people with egg allergies, weak immune systems, or anyone who has experienced a severe reaction to the vaccine in the past.

Besides getting vaccinated, doctors say wash your hands frequently and limit contact with people who exhibit flu symptoms.

There are two ways to get the vaccine. One is injected, the other is a nasal spray known as FluMist.

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