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What will be the biggest challenge facing President-elect Obama once he takes office?

America is one of the world’s few superpowers, whose actions will have a lasting impact on this century. The world is watching Barack Obama — what do you think will be the most important issue he will have to tackle once his administration begins?

I think he will have many. Changing the right wing extreme views and bigotry and attitudes of self-entitlement that some people have will be the hardest within America.

It will take time to fix the economy and set up legislation and forge forward and accomplish the goals he has proposed. Some things will be achieved quicker than others but being able to count on the American people to work with him will likely be the quickest and best thing that Americans have going, being able to help one another and be the changes they want to see.

Iraq and all that would be a problem for anyone to resolve, but I believe Obama will find a solution, and he is more likely to find a diplomatic one and be received better than McCain would have been IMHO.

I hope that the racist attitudes people have will start to fade away and that people realize we are all human beings created equal in this world. Until people respect one another in that way you will always have internal conflicts which only hinder progress.

So Iraq will definitely be one major, visible issue, and the economy the other. This will take time to fix because as Obama said, many things have to happen (new business for American workers, new energy sources, healthcare, education) and these won’t happen overnight and quite possibly take two terms of presidency to really see the progress and benefit.

But one thing I’m sure of is that you have the right man at the helm to do it.

So enough with the racial stuff and talk of assassinations and murders…that is a horrible thing to even think never mind perpetrate….stop it and get over it and work with your new President to make your country all that it should be.

You know Americans should feel PROUD that the world is celebrating this victory as if it were their own.

You have a great leader with potential to change not only America for the better but the world too. I think the rest of the world is hoping that he finds a way to unify not only America, but ALL OF us, as a global family. Perhaps that is a lot to put on one man’s shoulders, but people are worried about the direction our world is heading and here is someone who has a very special quality who just might be able to lead us all in the direction we all want and need to go, so that our children have a future on this planet too.

Sad would be the day you went back to what you had yesterday!!


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