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The Adrienne Bailon naked pictures was a publicity stu!!

Apparently Adrienne Bailon’s stolen nude photos weren’t stolen at all. Adrienne’s ex was behind the leak. Jonathon Jaxson and Bailon concocted the plan to “juice up” the stolen laptop story by circulating the nude photos.

“Adrienne’s tour with Cheetah Girls will be over December 22nd, so she is then free to pursue other projects and wanted to be seen as more adult and sexy,” Jaxson said. “So after the laptop was stolen we used it as an opportunity to drum up some publicity and start speculating about nude photos, but we never expected anything to get out.”

He also states that the photos weren’t even on her laptop. Jonathon is adamant that the scandalous photos of Bailon came from her phone. Odd. She is reportedly denying leaking the photos and has been crying about it for two days.

“Adrienne has been crying for two days straight, she’s on her Cheetah Girls tour right now so she has to explain to her fans and is totally distraught. Her career is in real jeopardy,” Jaxson said, adding that they aren’t exactly friends anymore and won’t be working together in the future.
This guy is the vermin of the publicity world. He is no longer in the PR career realm due to his lack of talent. So he has turned to selling out info in return for 15 minutes of fame. He was also the rep for the Backstreet Boys. This guy make Perez look like a saint.

Sure. We have a code. Kinda like pirates. Only instead of the hotness of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom we have a flamboyant mascot with a penchant for “Hello Kitty.”

I kinda figured it was so, It just didn’t make sense, I bet your wondering if that’s even here in the pictures now huh? The things people will do to the people who trust them for money..Aww well hopefully her sister in law slutty Kim K will give her some pointers on how to recover your career post full throttle action.

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