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About Eforcity

They sell cheaply made items and mine where dead on arrival. After 6 emails 3 phone calls they still say they have not received the defective items back even thaw post office says it was delivered on July 30th! The law states any online purchase can be sent back for a FULL refund and looks like I will have to use the law to get my refund. I will never do business with them again and I recommend others to stay away. If I do not get my refund shortly I will file complaints with the BBB, Governor Office of Consumer Affairs, Attorney Generals office and the Federal Trade commission. Do some checking which I should have done and you will see they do not have a good rating.

I was pleased to get everything I had asked for and it all works great – at a great savings. I was a bit surprised that my charger, PS3 controller dock and dock for my blackjack all came in a large bag rather than a box, but the goods are all working properly and I’m happy – I saved money, and I guess inferior packing supplies helps pass the savings on to me – I will order again today since we need another PS3 dock!

Do not buy from a company that does not have a working telephone number as a means of contact!! I ordered a case from Eforcity.com to fit a new phone that was also arriving in the mail. I received the phone first and did not like it so I sent the phone back to the company and ordered a different model phone. While I was waiting for my case to arrive (which had been almost two weeks) so I could send it back, I went ahead and ordered the new case for the new phone. I used delivery confirmation to prevent companies from scamming me. After confirming that my package was received by DC, I waited to see a refund post to my account. 2 weeks went by and absolutely nothing. I emailed them asking where my refund was and they told me that they had NO RECORD THAT I EVER SENT ANYTHING BACK!! Are you kidding me? They ask me to provide a tracking number which I had perfectly in my hand. So now I am just waiting to see what lie they will try and tell this time and trust me I will post a follow-up review. This company is sneaky so don’t trust them! No number, no sale!


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