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About Eforcity

They sell cheaply made items and mine where dead on arrival. After 6 emails 3 phone calls they still say they have not received the defective items back even thaw post office says it was delivered on July 30th! The law states any online purchase can be sent back for a FULL refund and looks like I will have to use the law to get my refund. I will never do business with them again and I recommend others to stay away. If I do not get my refund shortly I will file complaints with the BBB, Governor Office of Consumer Affairs, Attorney Generals office and the Federal Trade commission. Do some checking which I should have done and you will see they do not have a good rating.

I was pleased to get everything I had asked for and it all works great – at a great savings. I was a bit surprised that my charger, PS3 controller dock and dock for my blackjack all came in a large bag rather than a box, but the goods are all working properly and I’m happy – I saved money, and I guess inferior packing supplies helps pass the savings on to me – I will order again today since we need another PS3 dock!

Do not buy from a company that does not have a working telephone number as a means of contact!! I ordered a case from Eforcity.com to fit a new phone that was also arriving in the mail. I received the phone first and did not like it so I sent the phone back to the company and ordered a different model phone. While I was waiting for my case to arrive (which had been almost two weeks) so I could send it back, I went ahead and ordered the new case for the new phone. I used delivery confirmation to prevent companies from scamming me. After confirming that my package was received by DC, I waited to see a refund post to my account. 2 weeks went by and absolutely nothing. I emailed them asking where my refund was and they told me that they had NO RECORD THAT I EVER SENT ANYTHING BACK!! Are you kidding me? They ask me to provide a tracking number which I had perfectly in my hand. So now I am just waiting to see what lie they will try and tell this time and trust me I will post a follow-up review. This company is sneaky so don’t trust them! No number, no sale!


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Instead of Wikipedia – may I present…..CHICKAPEDIA

Chickipedia is the world’s largest web-based, women-based, wiki-based database of hot chicks on the planet. It is entirely user generated, making it the first female-only encyclopedia of the people, by the people, and for the people. All you have to do is have access to the internet, log on, go to our “Add New Chick” link, and voila—you can create a new article, or revise an existing one. Just be sure to do so within our guidelines or risk being spanked. Hard.

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Keep Your Child Safe from Internet Porn

The statistics are scary: the average age of a child when first exposed to Internet porn is 11 years old, with the largest consumers of porn being the 12-to-17-year-old group.

And almost 90 percent of eight to 16-year-olds have viewed porn online, most while doing homework.

Of those who were accidentally exposed to porn while surfing the Web, 66 percent say they did not seek the images out, and did not want to view them.

Donna Rice Hughes, a noted Internet safety expert, says that every child who views pornography will not necessarily be negatively affected.

Just as one drink will not make a person an alcoholic, Hughes says, so the child who occasionally views pornography will not automatically become a sexual deviant.

Hughes warns that the harm comes after repeated exposures, when a child may be drawn to seek it out, and can quickly become addicted after that.

So learning more about the dangers of Internet porn and how you can protect your child is critical.

One good way to prepare children for accidental viewing of Internet porn is by letting your child know beforehand that they may occasionally come across unwanted information or pictures, and to let you know if this happens.

Another way to protect your child is to buy Internet filtering software to block porn sites. While not 100-percent effective, the software will cut down substantially on the times that your child may come across pornographic or questionable material.

A helpful information site for porn and kids is called protectkids.com. Here you can learn about the dangers your child may be exposed to on the Internet, and other ways to reduce the risk that your child will be harmed.

The site also provides safety tools and shows parents the warning signs of porn exposure, as well as how to report a cybercrime, if needed.

Protecting your child from the dangers of the Internet may not be easy, but the satisfaction of having a more secure and healthy child will make it all worthwhile.

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MIT’s Technology Review – Google Earth Becoming a Standard

Wade Roush writes an article at MIT’s Technology Review about the explosion of new geographically annotated data on the Internet and how Google Earth’s KML is becoming a de facto standard for sharing geo-referenced information. He interviewed Google Earth Blog for the story. The story comments on how the Google Earth Community and many thousands of people are publishing all kinds of useful geo-referenced data, and many applications are now supporting KML. He also points out how Google is using its new “Featured Content” layer to showcase some excellent examples of geo-referenced information uniquely suited to Google Earth’s abilities. I found it interesting how he picked up on a small part of our interview when I commented that Microsoft may someday release its own competition for Google Earth in the form of a 3D virtual earth.

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Successful SEO Needs Effort, Not Quick Fixes

It would be nice if we could master search engine optimization, and procure high rankings simply by editing Meta tags, but thats just not going to happen.

The reason is because, in order to achieve SEO success, a combined effort of different, long-term methods is required. There is no one quick fix that will solve the problem.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that there are no easy solutions, people still insist on using various techniques to try and find them. For instance, it is possible to quickly generate high rankings from words that no internet users will search for. However, even if you rank number one, if no one uses the words, your business will flop.

In addition, the following are some more quick fixes that many people try, and fail at:

Changing or Adding Meta Tags ” Search engines are limited when it comes to deciding what sites should be shown in the result list of a keyword search. Meta keyword tags assist search engines and help them select the pages with the most relevancy that pertain to the keyword of a Web surfer.

Of course, there is a difference between a public search engine, like Yahoo, and an internal search engine. A public search engine contains virtually every webpage they are aware of. Therefore, they cant trust all the Meta tags they find, as not all website have been designed to provide the internet users with relevant information on the keyword they are searching for. Some website have been set up for the sole purpose of advertising and generating traffic. Thus, the goal of a public search engine is to weed out these irrelevant websites and help searchers find exactly what they are looking for.

An internal search engine, on the other hand, consists of only a small amount of web pages or products. Therefore, it is less difficult for the search engine to produce the most relevant pages. Moreover, the Meta tags that are present on the internal search engine on your site are trustworthy; because your goal is to help your visitors find what they are looking for.

When all is said and done, by adding or changing the Meta tags on your website doesnt quickly or slowly fix anything. The bottom line is this method will have not effect on the result of your SEO traffic.

Increasing Web Content ” Increasing web content can boost your SEO success, but this is something that takes plenty of time. Sure you can quickly increase the content by writing useless puff pieces, using auto-generating software, or ripping off content from other sites, but none of these methods are actually going to improve your business profits in the long run.

The only web content that is going to secure your success is information that is relevant and valuable. It takes time and experience to generate this type of information, so dont try to cheat your way to the top with wasted words or words that are not your own. Stay true to your business and keep your integrity.

Link Popularity – One of the most popular quick fix methods out there are link schemes. Anyone who does business on the internet knows how valuable links are. Links are what help to increase web traffic and increase website visibility. That being said, you will want to avoid becoming a link farm, because if your goal is to only get links to increase your SEO rankings, youre not going to take your business anywhere.

As tempting as it might sound, you need to ignore link popularity. Your focus should be on your target market, and how you can reach them to let them know your website exists. Thus, you need to market your website, which means you may have to dish out a little money to publicize your website in local newspapers, magazine, or even in a television ad. The more your site is recognized, the better chance it has of ending up in the right niche markets to attract the right attention.

If you want to be successful with search engine optimization, you need to commit yourself to achieving long-term results. This does take patience, but is necessary if you want to come out on top. The following tips can help bring you closer to your high ranking goal:

Tip 1: Conduct thorough research for keyword phrases ” use effective keyword programs such as KeywordDiscovery or WordTracker. The paid programs of their software will help you generate the best keyword phrases for your business.

Tip 2: Valuable web content ” Dont create a website that is overrun by graphics. SEO spiders will crawl right over these graphics and pass you by. Your website needs a reasonable amount of web content that is pumped full of valuable information. It needs to be clear and concise, and should also convey your website message which needs to include the keywords youve selected to rank high for.

Tip 3: Relevancy ” Ensure that all your link anchor text and title tags are relevant to one another, as well as to the web content that is presented on your site.

Tip 4: Patience is a virtue ” It will take almost a year, or even longer, before you begin to see any traffic from the natural results of search engines. Try not to let this get you down. Take this time to continue to improve your site and give the competition a run for their money. Eventually, your persistence, patience and positive thinking will pay off.

Always remember, it doesnt matter how well you market your website, you are not going to achieve overnight success. Just like most things in life, taking the easy way out when it comes to marketing your business online isnt going to create you long lasting success. If you want an impressive future that provides you with plenty of reward, you need to spend the time and money, and do things right the first time.

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Obama, McCain campaigns’ computers hacked!!

Computers at the headquarters of the Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns were hacked during the campaign by a foreign entity looking for future policy information, a source with knowledge of the incidents confirms to CNN.

The source said the computers were hacked mid-summer by either a foreign government or organization.

Another source, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation, says federal investigators approached both campaigns with information the U.S. government had about the hacking, and the campaigns then hired private companies to mitigate the problem.

U.S. authorities, according to one of the sources, believe they know who the foreign entity responsible for the hacking is, but refused to identify it in any way, including what country.

The source, confirming the attacks that were first reported by Newsweek, said the sophisticated intrusions appeared aimed at gaining information about the evolution of policy positions in order to gain leverage in future dealings with whomever was elected.

The FBI is investigating, one of the sources confirmed to CNN. The FBI and Secret Service refused comment on the incidents.

The sources refused to speak on the record due to the ongoing investigation and also because it is a sensitive matter involving presidential politics.

As described by a Newsweek reporter with special access while working on a post-campaign special, workers in Obama‘s headquarters first detected what they thought was a computer virus that was trying to obtain users’ personal information.

The next day, agents from the FBI and Secret Service came to the office and said, “You have a problem way bigger than what you understand … you have been compromised, and a serious amount of files have been loaded off your system.”

One of the sources told CNN the hacking into the McCain campaign computers occurred around the same time as the breach into those of Obama’s campaign.

Representatives of the campaigns could not be reached for comment on the matter

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Microsoft: Windows 7 to boost solid-state drives

Will solid-state drives thrive on Windows 7? Microsoft is set to address that question at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference this week.

Microsoft will speak to both overall support for solid-state drives and Windows 7 support for Netbooks in Los Angeles at WinHEC 2008, which kicks off Wednesday.

In a conference abstract titled “Windows 7 Enhancements for Solid-State Drives,” Microsoft states that “PC systems that have solid-state drives are shipping in increasing volumes” and that it is planning “Windows enhancements that take advantage of the latest updates to standardized command sets, such as ATA.”

Microsoft is referring to Serial ATA, or SATA, technology, which is the most popular data transfer standard for PC storage devices. Most new hard drives use the SATA-2 standard, and the newest solid-state drives are based on this standard also.

Until recently, solid-state drives used an older–and theoretically slower–PATA (Parallel ATA) standard. But the newest drives shipping with, for example, the Dell Latitude E4200 and HP EliteBook 2530p ultraportable laptops, use SATA-2.

Topics covered will include “file system optimizations” and “thoughts on the future of SSDs and their role in Windows,” according to a prepared statement by Frank Shu, a senior program manager on the Windows Storage Platform team.

Another session, titled “Designing Flash-Based Netbooks for Windows 7,” will cover how to design flash-based Netbooks using Windows 7, according to a statement by Leon Braginski, a senior lead program manager in Microsoft’s PC3 team. “We will explain how to calculate the lifetime of a flash-based netbook based on specific workload numbers,” a summary states.

The session will also “introduce a revised version of the Flash-Based PC Design Guide, which has been updated for Windows 7.”

Other solid-state drive related talks include one by Seagate, titled “Is Your Disk Drive Going Away?” Seagate will talk about solid-state drive platforms and hybrid hard-disk drives (HDDs), among other topics.

Retail flash memory drive giant SanDisk will talk about Multi-level Cell (MLC) NAND in PCs. MLC technology allows solid-state drive suppliers to build higher-capacity drives at lower cost. The latest high-capacity 128GB solid-state drives are based on MLC.

“Analysts uniformly agree that the key challenge to solid-state drive adoption is reducing cost, and the key to reducing cost is advancing to multi-level cell technology,” SanDisk said in a statement.

“The PC pushes MLC flash like no other application with its high random write rate, small block size and long life expectations. SanDisk has…introduced the first metric for SSD endurance–Long-term Data Endurance (LDE). LDE allows customers to evaluate the lifespan of an SSD in their application,” SanDisk said.

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Write Bangla in any where, any site

Download Ovro keboard from this site. Its a free unicode softrware. You can easily write unicode by using Bijoy keboard layout.

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