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RNC Launches Site: Repulican For A Reason

After the Democratic upset that was the last election, the Republican National Committee is, understandably, doing some soul searching.

While Obama’s team of Web designers busied themselves with the launch of Change.gov, the RNC was hard at work on Republican For A Reason, a site devoted to giving “users the opportunity to discuss their reasons for being a member of the Grand Old Party and what being a Republican means to them.”

“We are a party of principles and must regain our voice,” said RNC Chairman Mike Duncan. “We need to hear what our volunteers, activists, elected leaders, and party members think about the Republican Party as we rebuild, re-focus, and renew our bond with the American people.”

The site features a video intro with a lot of shots of Reagan and George H.W. Bush–surprisingly, it also features plenty of clips of W. giving speeches as well. The experience is a bit like Microsoft’s “I am a PC” ad campaign, only with more moving instrumental music.

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  1. I applaud the RNC for doing this. I’m not a Republican, but I don’t want to see the party completely destroyed. I think that multiple parties are one of the reasons we have such an exceptional democracy.

    The Republicans need to remember what they are actually about. They can’t all be about hate and fear.

    Comment by endithinks | November 12, 2008 | Reply

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