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Surgery addict says: I inject cooking oil in my face

DISFIGURED, scarred and miserable – that’s how plastic surgery addict Hang Mioku feels after injecting her face with cooking oil.

The haggard Korean woman had her first professional procedure as a radiant 28-year-old.

Photos from the time show Hang with a perfect smile, radiant skin and striking brown eyes.

But now at 48, after 20 years of professional work and further botched injections at home when docs refused to continue, hideous Hang looks like a horrifying Halloween mask.

A move to Japan allowed Hang’s obsession to take hold while she was away from her parents, who had no idea their daughter’s first operation would result in a full-blown addiction.

After continuous trips to a Japanese surgeon, and despite being left bloated and disfigured, Hang still thought she looked beautiful in the mirror.

When she returned to Korea her lumpy face had changed so much her parents didn’t recognise her.

They took her for psychological treatment, but it proved too expensive and she lapsed into her old ways.

Hang even found a doctor who would give her silicone injections, and who supplied the equipment necessary to carry out the procedure at home.

But when her supply of silicone ran out, Hang began injecting cheap cooking oil.

As her features grew, local kids called her ‘Standing Fan’ because of her large face and small body.

Eventually Hang’s plight was featured on Korean TV, and concerned viewers raised enough money for surgery to reverse the damage.

During the first procedure, surgeons removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang’s face, and a further 200g from her neck.

Now Hang’s ghastly face has reduced in size, but is still ravaged by the ill-effects of her addiction.

And the previously gorgeous Korean girl has admitted she longs for her original face back.


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