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Cindy McCain Caught Cheating With Another Man?

Sources at the ENQUIRER are claiming that John McCain’s wife Cindy McCain has been caught cheating and this time there is photo proof…well extremely grainy fake looking proof that could look like any blonde kissing another man. This is not the first time Cindy McCain has been accused of this by people searching to make money off her name.

There are supposedly several witnesses to Cindy McCain cheating on John by smooching with this supposed “washed up ’80s rock musician” according to the ENQUIRER. There are also reports that Cindy has been attending concerts and sporting events with this man. They supposedly act very loving with lots of kissing, groping, and hand holding.

John McCain and Cindy McCain have been married since 1980, John right now is 72 while Cindy is 54. About 18 years seperate them and many are saying that is playing a role in why she is cheating on him. The McCain family has a well known close family and this is just bizarre. Why would such a famous woman be out in public with a random mystery man?

The picture looks photoshopped with grain to make it very unclear who is in it.


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