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ZAP Redesigns 2009 Electric City Car With Hatchback

Electric car pioneer ZAP  has redesigned its Xebra city-speed electric car for 2009 with a hatchback to increase the functionality and steel body construction to improve quality.
The 2009 ZAP Xebra Sedan debuts November 6 through 9 at the Sacramento International Auto Show. Local ZAP dealer Cost Less Auto of Rancho Cordova, California is organizing a display that will include other electric vehicles from ZAP’s line.
The new 2009 Xebra Hatchback is a 5-door hatchback with folding rear seats, more than doubling the size of the rear cargo area with 34 cubic feet of space. More head and leg room was added and the styling upgraded inside and out to improve aesthetics. The steel body is sleeker, stronger and more durable than the original 2006 fiberglass model. See video of the Xebra:

“The Xebra hatchback is a huge leap for ZAP in quality and design,” said Sean Rarey of Grants Pass Electric Vehicles in Oregon. “The ergonomics are much friendlier and more comfortable. I really like the added features, like the ammeter and the remote electric door locks.” The ammeter is a dial that measures how many amps are consumed, helping the driver control energy efficiency for different driving situations.
ZAP shipped 121 Xebras in September, a record since it was introduced in 2006.

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