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24 seconds with Angels and Airwaves

Gaining fame as a member of the immensely popular punk pop trio Blink 182, Tom DeLonge currently fronts his latest alternative musical project, Angels and Airwaves. Joe Leary spent 24 seconds with the former Blink guitarist and vocalist, who is touring this fall tour in support of Weezer.

24: Are there any pre-show rituals you as a band member go through?

TD: We used to do a lot more than we do now, but it’s really mostly about the amount of caffeine we drink and the type of music we blast really loud. Those two things have to be present for every show; punk rock music really loud and lots of Red Bull.

24: Are there any superstitions like a bad rehearsal means a good show?

TD: My rehearsal is that I don’t like to see the crowd before a show, so I’ll never walk out there and see who’s there or what it looks like, or how hard they’re going off – I like to be surprised so whenever I go out onstage. Whatever is there is exciting.

24: When you formed the new band, were you expecting to get some Blink 182 run-off or did you think that perhaps the slate would be wiped clean and these are brand new fans?

TD: I think when I started I thought I’d have some run-off. I was continually surprised about how hard it was to start all over again but I was always willing to work really hard; as hard as I’ve ever worked. It’s made me really appreciate all the things that I didn’t appreciate before or don’t remember. In the last band, everything was so massive and so crazy I think you get jaded a little bit. I was so young and we were just running around doing whatever and now I appreciate every little stride.


24: You’ve voiced support for the Democrats. Are you politically active or are you just a typical American that thinks you have to change stuff?

TD: I’m definitely like most Americans that want everything to be different. I was very politically active during the last presidential election and just as bum-med as a lot of people were when John Kerry didn’t win, so I haven’t done much on this one other than the two people I said are the absolute best to be president were Obama and Biden. I said Biden eight years ago. I saw Obama give his big speech at the last convention where everyone said, “who’s this guy?” He empowered people and gave them goose bumps over Bill Clinton and John Kerry, so I was there when everyone first noticed him. I was a huge Biden fan so now that they’re together, it better work or else I’m moving to Canada.

24: Some people might say rock stars should just rock and not get political.

TD: Bands and their music have always been a vehicle to communicate to the world around them and I think when people can take that and digest the world a little bit differently, sometimes when bands do that they don’t do it the best way and it turns people off to their political ambitions. I think it works for some musicians and doesn’t work for others.

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