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Famiy TV show for your home: Design on a Dime

Design on a Dime (sometimes referred to as DoD) is a redesigning television series on HGTV. It features one or more people who want a room, etc. made better. The Design on a Dime team uses a $1000 budget to remake a room. There have been a few variations, with episodes for weddings and more.

Design on a Dime makes over a space for design-conscious home dwellers who want lots of style but may not have lots of money for the project. With a budget of $1,000, a design team tackles a problem area such as a boring bedroom, lackluster living room, cluttered dining room or outdated office space.

Design Team

  • Kristan Cunningham:Kristan Cunningham knew from a young age that her passion for the arts would become her career. Hailing from West Virginia, she studied interior design at the University of Charleston, and in 1997 decided to introduce herself to Los Angeles and the city’s cutting edge world of design.Having seen much success in furniture design and with her own projects, Cunningham joined a small, edgy firm, where she could hone her skills. The studio environment gave her the opportunity to exploreboth the structural and technical end of design, providing her with an even more well-rounded design sensibility. As host and designer on Design on a Dime, Cunningham relishes the opportunity to “get back to the basics.” Viewers and clients alike will reap the benefits of her fresh approach to budget-conscious design. She lives in Pasadena with her fiance, Scott, and Floyd, their Yorkshire terrier.
  • Spencer Anderson:Spencer Anderson grew up in Houston, Texas, where he studied art and metal sculpture before moving to Tallahassee. At Florida State University, he continued to sculpt, but found a new interest in designing sets and building props for his friends’ movies. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, he moved to Los Angeles, where he began assistant art directing on small cable films. Now, as a member of the design team on Design on a Dime, he couldn’t be happier. He has many opportunities to make new and exciting pieces that don’t get destroyed after the show’s over! His artistic background and talent for building are a perfect combination for the show’s unique formula.
  • Summer Baltzer : Summer Baltzer began her career more than 10 years ago, designing and decorating for community and equity theater productions in the Southern California area, while also running her own residential interior design business. She received her formal training at California State University-Northridge in the Family Environmental Sciences department, where she studied Architectural and Interior Design. Baltzer has many years of experience in designing interiors to suit all pocketbooks, but she particularly loves the challenge of designing a room on a dime.
  • David Sheinkopf : For Dave Sheinkopf, growing up in New York city was a breeding ground for creativity. Starting at a young age, Sheinkopf found himself in the spotlight, working on big and small screens as an actor. At age 19, he moved across the country to his new home in Los Angeles. After years of focusing his talents on television and film, he discovered a love of building and designing. Eventually set design gave way to art direction on music videos and commercials, although his passion for acting and furniture-building never subsided. His new job on Design on a Dime not only feeds his creative side but has given him a great team of players to work with who are dedicated to inventing solutions for challenging decor dilemmas.
  • Charles Burbridge : Los Angeles native Charles Burbridge left his growing decorative painting and interiors business to join the HGTV family. Though this is his first foray into broadcast television, Burbridge has been a working actor for the past decade and is a founding member of the popular Bay Area improvisational sketch comedy troupe Big Boned Theatre. Dividing his time between his numerous creative pursuits has always been a challenge, but at last he has found the perfect blending of his many interests and artistic abilities as a part of the Design on a Dime team.
  • Ali Azhar : Ali Azhar’s philosophy of design is that lighting, color and texture make a room. As a contractor, he does it all from lighting to building to tiling, working from the ground up. He likes to say his approach is to make $1 out of 15 cents. It’s a philosophy that will serve him well in his new role as design coordinator on Design on a Dime. When he’s not working on the show, Azhar’s restoring his own home in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.
  • Kelly Edwards : A native of Chicago, design coordinator Kelly Edwards has returned home after spending the past three years in Los Angeles working as the design assistant for one of the original Design on a Dime design teams. She feels it was a job that served as the basis for learning how to incorporate high-end design principles with designing on a budget to create a room that homeowners can enjoy and find functional at the same time. She wants to show viewers that with a little ingenuity, they can transform everyday purchases into amazing designs.
  • Abraham Hopkins : Abraham Hopkins is on a mission to make green homes and eco-developments a reality for us all. Coming to Design on a Dime fulfills his passion to teach millions of Americans about green design on a budget and the positive impact it can have. Hopkins is the owner of Paradigm Building, a construction company specializing in green building. Before life as a business owner, he worked for 10 years as a carpenter in every aspect of construction — from concrete work, framing and drywall to tile, electrical, plumbing and roofing. He received a bachelor’s degree in construction management from Cal Poly. He went on to earn his contractors license following that, and with five years’ experience, he was certified as a Green Builder.

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