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Executive Recycling Offers Free Computer Recycling In Colorado For Earth Day Celebration

Consumers and small businesses will finally be able to recycle those old electronics taking up space, while helping to protect the environment. Executive Recycling is expecting to collect over 450,000 pounds of unwanted electronics from the events.

Ken Caryl Ranch Association
7676 S. Continental Divide Road
Littleton, CO
DATE: April 19, 2008 (8am–1pm)

The Dalbey Education Institute
7233 Church Ranch Blvd
Westminster, CO
DATE: April 19, 2008 (9am–12pm)

Northfield Stapleton
8340 Northfield Blvd
Denver, CO
DATE: April 19, 2008 (7am–1pm)

Orchard Town Center
14697 Delaware St.
Westminster, CO
DATE: April 19, 2008 (7am-3pm)

Sustainability Fair (Denver Botanic Gardens)
1005 York St
Denver, CO
DATE: April 20, 2008 (9am-5pm)

Denver Museum Of Nature and Science
2001 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO
DATE: April 20, 2008 (8:30am-5pm)
Elpaso County (Fort Carson Facility)
DATE: April 22, 2008 (7am-4pm)

“With the recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) digital transmission for TV’s by February, 19 2009 we are expecting a large number of TV’s to be dropped off at the events,” said Brandon Richter, Executive Recycling CEO. “These recycling events help get the word out to people that there is a place for unwanted electronics other than the trash can”

According to the team at Executive Recycling, the materials used in electronics are very toxic.

“Toxic materials include lead, cadmium, and mercury,” Tor Olson, the company’s Vice President of Operations, said. “If not properly recycled, these items can lead to air and ground contamination.”

Recycling electronics is a complex process and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fines in place for improper disposal. Executive Recycling helps to protect people and companies from liability issues while protecting the environment at the same time.

Executive Recycling, Inc., based in Englewood, Colorado, combines over 20 years of IT experience, extensive knowledge of current EPA requirements, and a dedication to world-class service.

For more information, visit: http://www.ExecutiveRecycle.com.

Media Contact:
Tor Olson
of Executive Recycling, Inc.

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