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Interesting Storylines from the Past

The eighties brought us some interesting characters, such as the Bushwackers, Undertaker, and Brother Love. There were also some interesting storylines. I will mention a few.

Rick Rude hits on Jake “the Snake” Roberts wife: Ravishing Rick Rude was part of the Heenan Family. Bobby Heenan lead Rude to the ring as stripper music played. At the conclusion of the match, Heenan would pick a lady in the audience to come into the ring to receive the “Rude Awakening” where he would “plant one” on the lady. One particular show, one was picked out of the audience who refused to come into the ring. Upon interrogation, it was revealed that this woman was Cheryl Roberts, wife of Jake “the snake” Roberts. For the next few months a feud ensued between Rude and Roberts. Rude would wear tights with Cheryl’s picture airbrushed on them, and on one occasion, Jake came into the ring after match and tore the tights off Rude. The feud concluded on Saturday Night Main Event, when Rude was on the receiving end of a DDT. Roberts was about to take the tights off of Rude when Bobby Heenan called Andre the Giant from the back. this lead to the next storyline I’m about to describe;

Andre the Giant is deathly afraid of snakes: As Andre came into the ring to intervene, Jake went for his bag and pulled out his pet snake, Damien. Andre fainted from terror. In the next few month leading to WrestleMania, Andre’s fear of snakes would cause Andre to flip out during interviews. Bobby Heenan went on the Brother Love Show and said that Andre went to a faith healer and was healed from his fear of snakes. Even though Andre won the match at WrestleMania, he was spooked when Jake brought Damien out of his bag.

Earthquake seemingly destroys Damien: Jake “the Snake” Roberts came out tho the squared circle to face Earthquake. Upon his entrance, Jake opened his bag and out comes Damien. Earthquake recoils in fear, but the referee tells Jake to put his snake back in the bag and put the bag under the ring. Earthquake overpowers Jake and ties him up in the ring ropes. Now unable to move, Jake looks on as Quake reaches under the ring, brings out the bag and repeatedly runs back and forth and jumps on the bag. Those watching on Saturday morning sees the show switching to the update desk and watching Sean Moody grimace as if he was watching the “slaughter” of Damien. Jake finally gets free from the ropes after Earthquake leaves the ring area, opens the bag and starts to cry. Cliff Note:It was revealed later that the bag that Earthquake pulled out from under the ring had ground beef stuffed in pantyhose with a small battery powered motor to simulate movement.

Rick Rude is suspended for making fun of Big Bossman’s mother: Bobby Heenan was making cracks about Big Bossman’s mother while he was doing commentary on WWF Wrestling Challenge. One particular show Bossman was making his way to the ring when he stopped at the announce table, grabbed Heenan, took him down to the ring, and hancuffed him to the ring post. this caused Rude to come out and say that he told Bobby to say those things about Bossman’s mother. WWF president Jack Tunney announced on television that Rude was suspended indefinitely(truth is his contract was about to expire) and that Bobby Heenan was to take Rude’s place in matches against Bossman.

Sapphire is wooed by unknown benefactor: Dusty Rhodes was brought into the WWF in the latter part of his career. Vince McMahon had him playing a buffoon type character that was well received by the fans. During a match between Rhodes and the Big Bossman, a fan in the seats started harassing Bossman and his manager, Slick. This lady was Sapphire who became Dusty’s valet. After awhile, Sapphire received anonymous lavish gifts. They turned out to be from Ted Dibiase, the Million Dollar Man, who lead her away from Rhodes.

Just a few examples that show the human comic book was becoming a male soap opera. The product that wrestling has become nowadays is hardly entertainment.

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