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Sex uncovered: A beginner’s guide

I’ve gone no further than kissing. I don’t feel the need to do what others are doing.

I’m 16, and I’m in no rush to lose my virginity. I’ve had sexual experiences before, but the thought of oral sex repulses me, and I don’t plan on doing that at all!

I’m 14 and still a virgin. I’ve been with quite a few lads but haven’t had a proper relationship yet. I’ve done things with four lads and I regret it all. After we’d done stuff they moved on.

It may seem like everyone’s having sex all over the place, but look around and remember it’s not necessarily true.

I was 13 when I lost my virginity and I hadn’t done anything up until then. Now I wish I had waited; I’m 17 and would rather be a virgin. Because I have had sex with a few people, I’m seen as ‘easy’, so wait – you’ll get more respect.

I’m 13 and all my friends are ‘poking’ each other. Is it OK to do that? And what is dry sex?

I’m 16, and I plan to wait for as long as it takes me to know I’m in love before I have sex – even if I’m 80. It’s better to wait than to lose your virginity before you’re ready.

It is a good thing to wait, but if you think you’ve got Mr Right go for it. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 13.

Oh my God, I feel a little bit dorky about it but I know that I’m not a prude. I’m scared about my first time because I won’t know what to do.

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